Latest Game from IDN Play – Super 10

Latest Game from IDN Play – Super 10 – Latest Game from IDN Play – Super 10. IDN Poker online Indonesia or super 10 IDN Play is considered the best gambling platform for poker and these are the best-updated servers in Indonesia. They always remain updated with the latest games and gives exciting benefits to its players and the features of the games offered by IDN Play are amazing. This year they have launched a new game known as super 10 idn play on 19th April 2018. This card game has been inspired by another card game known as Samgong, which means three pictures in China. The main difference between the two games is that while the earlier one is played between players the Samgong is played with a real money dealer of


How to play super 10 idn?

Play guides and Procedures Super 10

The procedures and the guidelines for playing latest Supername IDNplay are given here. Therefore, when the Super10 game launch, we know how to play it in a right way. Just take a closer look at the guidelines of Super10.

The game will move in a clockwise manner. It will start from the left and then in the position of the dealer button. The dealer is the player who is winning in the previous period. Therefore, before the sharing of the card all the players need to put ante. The ante is the bet, which is mandatory for all the players before starting of the hand.  This can be placed according to the value, which is specified in the table listed before when you enter into the game.

Each of the players will receive two cards in the beginning and after that, one card is distributed again. The player is able to hold three cards in the hand. The player who is having the number of combinations is the winner of the game.

Goals of the Game for poker online Indonesia

The main goal of this game is to get the highest number of the cards in the hand. The highest score considered is 10. The calculation of the sample cards can be seen in the next explanation.

Highest Card order

  1. Three Picture

This will consist of the combination of king, Jack, and Queen which are having the symbols like hearts diamonds, curls, and free flower.

Combination Example:

Poker Location of three Picture

  1. Super Ten

When 3 cards are combined, then the total number should be 10

  1. Value Ten

When the 3 cards combine and having a total number like 20 and 30 with the cards like Q J K which all are having the value of 10.

Combination Example:

Value 10

  1. Value 9

When the 3 cards combine the total number of cards is 9

Example combination:

Value 9